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World Class Sri Lanka

Despite its small size Sri Lanka is a global leader in many a fields and is had been known worldwide for its choice gems, tea and cinnamon since the turn of the last century.

Sri Lankan cinnamon, ivory and gems had been the main cause for invasion of two nations, Portuguese and Dutch, who followed the Moor traders to the country in search of the world’s best spices and riches. According to the Dutch, who reorganized the cultivation and marketing of cinnamon in Sri Lanka, the ‘shores of Sri Lanka had been full of it, that you can smell it eight leagues out to sea’. Even today the country produces the world best cinnamon and one of the world’s top cinnamon exporters.

However prior to the country shot to fame for its cinnamon, the world knew Sri Lanka for its beautiful and valuable gemstones. ‘Rathnadeepa’ or the ‘land of gems’ was used as a synonym for the country and even today the Sri Lankan gems specially the Ceylon blue sapphires are celebrated worldwide for their distinctive color and luster.

Yet it is the Ceylon tea, which the world identifies the country by. Introduced to the country in the 19th century by Colonial British, Sri Lanka had held the crown for producing the world’s best tea. Although many a countries had joined the world tea market, Ceylon Tea made in Sri Lanka still continues to be the favorite of the tea lovers worldwide.

Cinnamon in Sri Lanka

Blue Sapphires

Ceylon Tea

Another introduction of the Colonial British, cricket too holds a special place in the hearts of Sri Lankans. A match is played at every street corner with improvised bats, balls and wickets while an international match played by Sri Lanka virtually brings the country to standstill. The Sri Lankan cricket team is known for their true sportsmanship and team spirit while players like Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakkara and Muttiah Muralitharan portrays what is best in Sri Lankan cricket.

Meanwhile the country’s position as global leader in producing quality garment products for leading brands in Asia, Europe and the USA, is making the term ‘made in Sri Lanka’ a statement of quality. Sri Lankan apparels re-launched as ‘Garments without Guilt’ is guided by principles of protecting workers rights, proving quality working environments and upholding equal opportunities beyond gender and disability. Garment producers thrives to protect the environment while doing away with discrimination and the stringent labor laws and children rights Sri Lanka ensures that no children as involved in producing the garments.

The country is also in the forefront as a IT hub in the South Asian region although it is generally outshines by neighbouring India. Sri Lanka’s position as a rising Software exporter had been established by the great achievements of local companies made in the global arena. Their recent achievements include the development of world class capital market solution and development of medical invoice system, widely used in many parts of the USA and Europe.

Sri Lanka Cricket

Garment Industry in Sri Lanka

Software Industry in Sri Lanka

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) Information Economy Report for 2012 listed Sri Lanka s country that has a software industry with a high export market penetration. The Sri Lankan IT industry is predicted to reach a revenue value of US$ 2 billion by the year 2020.

Despite its negative effect, Sri Lanka had been known to export ‘brain’ to the leading American and European countries for the last few decades, confirmed by the fact that there are nearly 270 Sri Lankan scientists working at NASA today. Brian Drain had been considered a major issue effecting the development of the country it had also helped to establish the name of Sri Lanka in the world.

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