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With many of Sri Lanka’s leading universities and research institutes allowing individual participation in their field work, research and research forums, many foreign students find time to share and gain expertise in the fields ranging from Arts, environmental science, archeology, anthropology, agriculture and engineering.

Sri Lanka had been celebrated for its well regulated education system as old as two thousand years and the country is one of the few to boast a literacy level over 90% in the South Asian region.

Long considered a nursery for intellectuals and academics Sri Lanka continues to attracts an increasing number of international students as well as international academics for research and study.

Being a biodiversity hotspot Sri Lanka is one of the favorite research destinations for botanists, zoologists, oceanologists and environment scientists. Although country’s Flora and Fauna Protection Ordinance and other related laws prevent foreign nationals conducting independents research foreign students are involved in many researches and studies conducted by local organizations.

Archeological and anthropological studies and research in the country too are well sought after research fields due to the country three millennia long civilization. Research and excavations conducted into Sri Lanka’s heritage sites and pre historical sites by Archeology Department and Archeological Research Institute provides space for number of foreign students and research assistants, who apply through recognized universities.

Due to its unique geographical position Sri Lanka is considered one of the best locations in the world to astronomical research, a fact held by late Sir Arthur C Clerk himself and continues to be celebrated by many star gazers.

Although astronomy, environment science and archeology are the most celebrated research options in Sri Lanka for international students, the countryprovides ample opportunities to many students of various fields.

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