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Tourist Fest 2023

  • SLTPB together with other tourism institutions under the Ministry of Tourism and Land will be organizing the ‘Christmas Fest’. 
  • With the month of December is the peak month for tourist arrivals and festivities, the idea behind this is to portray celebrating the food, culture, shopping, and entertainment at one venue.
  • Christmas Fest became one of the signature events that was held in a glamorous and grand scale during the past three years, with the participation of outpouring numbers of both local and foreign fun enthusiast.
  • Due to the winter season, most foreign tourist visit Sri Lanka to celebrate the festive season of Christmas where they would engage in various activities of the Christmas Fest will be available for tourists and locals to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas.


SLTPB and tourism institutions under the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation. 



Web: www.srilanka.travel

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