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Sri Lankan Legends

With a recorded history of nearly 2500 years and an unrecorded history of at least another 2500 years, Sri Lanka is home to many legends including of Kings who rules over universe, dagger nailed people, believed to be a sub species of humans and technological advancement that seems to be equal to divine intervention.

With recorded and unrecorded tales of Kings who constructed mega structures involving technologies that are beyond our comprehension, extinct species so exotic that it fuelled up the imagination of generations and wars fought with such might that they found their way to religious mythology of even neighbouring countries, Sri Lanka’s folklore is a treasure trove to the curious.

Nittaewo - The Dagger Clawed Pygmies of Sri Lanka

From Sri Lanka’s little known past of folklore and jungle tales comes a story of hairy bodied, short and dagger clawed people known to many as Nittaewo, but did the country being an island nature a different type of hominid, who lived side by side with the Veddas in the jungles of the East?

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Sigiriya (Sri Lanka) Featured on Ancient Aliens

Was sigiriya a creation of a genius nation of master builders or an outcome of extra-terrestrial intervention? An American TV production team questions the long lost mysteries of an ancient marvel.

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